Awesome Support

Awesome Support

LogicoWise’s vision is to be a company of world class people delivering world class services. We want to be the best in the World, saving our clients energy and money whilst also contributing to a more sustainable environment, making a contribution to wider society and developing our employees as individuals. “To achieve this we need to stay ahead of the gameand as we look forward we will continue to innovate and come up with better solutions for our clients.

LogicoWise Support Practices:

1. Attitude is Everything ­

Logicowise act in every situation with a positive attitude and the intent on doing the right thing for the customer and everyone will benefit.

2. No Excuses, Just Solutions –

LogicoWise Never dead-end its customer or assume we know the details of their issue/request without “seeking to understand”, asking the right questions and actively listening.

3. Teamwork ­

LogicoWise empowers the team to make front-line decisions and coordinate best practice processes is the only way Service Desks can survive and thrive in today’s ever demanding role as the Customer Advocate and single point of contact for all customer issues and requests.

4. Customer Advocate

LogicoWise represents the ‘voice of the customer’ which means the customer trusts us to represent them and their issue/request to the other support teams, coordinate timely resolutions and eliminate reoccurring issues.

5. Total Contact Ownership ­

LogicoWise is built upon the premise that the Service Desk will continue to address a customer’s issue/request and follow up until the issue or question is resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. The entire team must diligently and relentlessly follow­up on ALL of their unresolved tickets (especially the ones not recently statuses), no matter who is currently assigned to work on it.

6. Quality Support

LogicoWise‘s Documentation Research, diagnose, prioritize and document thoroughly (it did not happen if it’s not documented in the ticket). Each team member always ask him/herself­ “if I was sending this to myself ­ would I have the right information to begin resolving the issue from the last troubleshooting step attempted by the Service Desk?” Proper RCA (Root Cause Analysis) for every issue.

7. Fun ­

LogicoWise belives, having fun is a key component of successful teams. It is up to all of us to make your environment and Service Desk culture a place that is supportive, respectful, hard-working, focused & fun. Fun will be much more “fun” when all of us all agree that we have earned and deserve it.

8. Being Proactive ­

At LogicoWise team follow Spotting trends, related issues and recurring issues and working to ensure that we minimize business impact, communicate appropriately and work to learn from the situation. Provide assistance in bringing visibility to the issue and its impact and what we need to do to identify the root cause and long ­term resolution ­ eliminating the re-occurrence of these problems.

9. First Contact Resolution ­

LogicoWise uses all of our available resources (team members, training, tools, documentation, past incidents/knowledge-base, etc.) to facilitate solving our customer’s issue on the first contact. It leads to a higher level of customer satisfaction, improves our image, allows Level­2 teams to be more responsive and improves our productivity. Research issues in depth or resolved and only escalate when they have exhausted all avenues to resolve at the Service Desk. If they don’t know the answer – find out by research or asking someone ­ the collection of learning in the process will better prepare us for the next time the same issue is reported. Always Know!

10. Solve the Business Problem First ­ then address the technical or policy issues.

Logicowise Always ask themselves and then document it in the ticket ­ who is the customer, what are they trying to do, what can’t they do and how critical is it in terms of productivity, impact and patient care.

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