Brand Identity

How LogicoWise can help you to get Renowned and Unique brand?

Brand identity is how you want the market to perceive your product, service or brand.

Brand identity includes parameters like Design, Logo, Name, Symbol, Tagline and even Colour theme. Additionally it also involves intangibles such as   Thinking, Values, Feelings and Expectations.  These are created by the business to reflect the value that company is trying to bring to the market and to appeal to its customers.

The brand image is how the brand is perceived by the public. The challenge any company faces when trying to build a brand is to make sure that its identity matches its image as closely as possible. A negative gap between brand identity and brand image means a company is out of touch with market sentiment, which can make offering services or products more difficult and can even result in a loss of value on the company’s books.

It takes time, money and patience to develop an effective brand identity. However, if done well it is certainly worth the effort.

At Logicowise, we are committed to provide services to you by focusing on following areas:

Logo: The symbol of your business.

LogicoWise has a team of experts to understand your business objectives and can related with your thought processes. We suggest right logo for your business to represent yourself in most meaningful manner.

Tagline: This defines your business to your audience.

At Logicowise we create a unique tagline for yourself to stand apart from the crowd by focusing on your capabilities, strengths and uniqueness.

Domain Names and Web space Management: Which helps you to create a Digital Identity in www world (e-world).

LogicoWise team provides your guidelines to seek right domain name and increase your presence over internet and social media.

Stationery: Letter-headed paper, business cards etc.

LogicoWise provides guidelines to it’s customers to make right impressions through representation of the organization in most appropriate manner, in each channel of communications.

Marketing materials: Catalogues, promotional flyers, ePublications, websites.

LogicoWise helps in creation of business documentations to represent client’s brand in professional and effective manner.

Products and Packaging: What you’re selling and what packaging it comes in.

LogicoWise provides innovative ideas for launching your products to the right consumer in most effective manner, at right time.

Signage: For your office, car, etc.

LogicoWise provides guidelines to create signage for your brand, so that it becomes a casual and socially accepted name within no time.

Emails: How you will brand your communication.

LogicoWise ensures to provide guidelines to represent your brand in most effective manner through your email communications.

At LogicoWise, we are committed to:

  • Set you apart from your competitors.
  • Improve brand awareness of your organization
  • Represent the brand promise.
  • Establish synergy throughout all communication channels.
  • Motivate your employers.
  • Help to Generate active buyers
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