Creative Idea

Creative Idea

By the term “Creative Idea” LogicoWise includes such disciplines as fine Art, Graphic Design, illustration, Photography, Printmaking, sculpture, 3D design, interaction design, product design, textile and fashion design, film-making, animation, games design, music, dance, drama, creative writing, interior design, architectureand urban design using most of the cutting edge technologies and tools.

At LogicoWise, we live with these creation aspects of the work and treat each of these sections as an important data for our clients. Harnessing data is a great way to find and give consumers added value. We understand critical role of creativity in digital solutions and for enterprises that want to dramatically evolve.   Creativity boldly wakes customers up to what they didn’t realize is possible, helps them pay closer attention and involves them more deeply in the business. Creativity helps differentiate, especially in a world of parity and commodity. Creativity creates value.

LogicoWise do not treat “creativity” as a separate skill to use selectively ,  but we consider it as a natural mindset to exploit throughout.

You will find creativity at LogicoWise in research and development,  in customer service, in the product and even in the ways the customer use the product post-purchase.  In all these places beyond marketing, creativity’s impact is not only more enduring but more significant as a contributor to growth and a business transformation.  

LogicoWise brings together researchers, industry, government and  the general public to co-create the means for interaction and expression in the future digital society, jointly realising the huge potential of games and interactive media for economic, social and cultural impact.

  • Working with games companies to embed novel artificial intelligence and decision making techniques in their games;
  • Developing new ways of interacting with TV programmes and theatre performances with broadcast companies, producers and performance companies;
  • Using creative, interactive approaches to improve engagement with digital archives and digital assets for heritage sites and archaeologists;
  • Helping local authorities to reach citizens to understand policy changes through the use of media;
  • Harnessing the motivational force for education, building on ‘tried and tested’ principles of learning and working with teachers to develop proven educational resources.

LogicoWise, has defined creativity in following areas

Digital Marketing:

This rich area for creative thinking includes advertising, direct marketing, microsites, social media, in-store activation, public relations, location, events and connectivity. The key objective is to promote brands, build preference, engage with customers and increase sales for our clients. This covers online presence for our customers and connecting them with various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Digital Products and Services

Waves of new digital products and services have changed the rhythm and structure of the consumer experience. It has become fragmented into a series of loosely controlled moments that may happen in-store, at a bus stop, or anywhere in between. At logicoWise, powerful new software tools enable us to orchestrate these discontinuous moments. We can stage them over time, make them context-relevant and personalize the entire experience for every individual. The result is a mutually beneficial relationship that spans the entire customer lifecycle, from trial to loyalty.

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