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  • April 7th, 2018
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A ‘BuzzWise’ buzzer is Network Buzzer App for Android Phones!, over the local network by enabling wifi Hotspot. Now you and your friends can see who is the quickest with BuzzWise! Have you ever wanted to host your own Buzzer, but needed an easy way to know who is the first to answer? BuzzWise! is the app you need.

One phone acts as the ‘Buzz Hoster’, The buzz Hoster needs to start Hotspot on his android device which creates a hotspot network, and maximum 4 number of Clients(Buzzer Contestants) (in Free Version) or any number of Clients(Buzzer Contestants) in paid version (from different phones) connect to the Buzzer, needs to connect on same wifi hotspot network as clients. When you’re ready to start, the Buzz Hoster starts the buzzer, and the buzzer buttons on all the Contenstant’s phones light up. The first Contestant to press their buzzer is rewarded with a satisfying sound, and as time the list will be populated and shown on individuals screen for the buzzer press time results. Then the Buzz Hoster starts the next round, and off you go again!

BuzzWise! even tells everyone in the Buzzer the name of the person who buzzed first.

The Android Phone versions of BuzzWise! are 100% compatible, and you can form a Buzzer with a combination Android tablets, Android phones running BuzzWise!

NOTE: The app will need to be installed on at least THREE phones to be useful. One phone acts as the ‘Buzz Hoster’, and two (or many more) other phones join the Buzzer to see who buzzes first. All the phones MUST be connected to the same WiFi network.

Few points to remember:
1. The Buzzer Hoster is default , one who enables wifi Hotspot.
2. All the Buzzer clients and Host must be on same wifi Network.
3. The host can close the Data to save data usage as this app does not need active internet, its an intra-network app.

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