Professional Design

Professional Design

LogicoWise produces amazing high quality artworks in various categories with great LogicoWise designers

Logicowise’s philosophy of Design work :

Without clients there is no graphic design and without demanding clients there is no great graphic design.” So says Adrian Shaughnessy. 

The design development process used at LogicoWise to mean endless meetings, pointless conference calls, tons of emailsand dozens of versions. Even one can find,  LogicoWise design team working early Sunday Morning to give deliveries for Monday, which was 11th hour request by customer.  At LogicoWise, we’ve built methodology and techniques that simultaneously addresses software management and design collaborationand what takes months and thousands of pounds at other companies, Just few days and at really affordable cost at LogicoWise.

LogicoWise has not just technical but artist team who collaboratively and professionally design the artwork.

At Logicowise, we are committed to:

  • Help Customers to land more and better clients
  • Help Customer to showcase your branding and design projects better.
  • Make Customer’s work look even more valuable, both impressing their clients and allowing to charge them more for it
  • Save Customer tons of time fiddling around creating templates and illustrations from scratch
  • Protect Customer design work legally, ensuring that developed solely original work without copying any data from any other source
  • Every single product in this will directly benefit.
  • The fonts are corporate, clean and come with tons of language support, weights and flexibility.
  • The branding and stationery mockup templates are beautiful, high-res and will make your design work jump off the screen for your clients, or prospective clients viewing your online portfolio.
  • All of the background designs are clean and modern. The majority are vector format, making them perfect for your print projects even in monochrome printing.
  • The infographics, icons and vectors are editable, scalable and quick to use. These are huge time savers, as you won’t need to illustrate from scratch.
  • The proposal templates and legal contracts ensure that you will land more clientsand properly protect your work at the same time.
  • Last but not least after receiving full agreed payment LogicoWise handovers the Design Copyrights to the correct owner.
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